How to get most from your new Sony A6000 camera and take the best photos

We all know that Sony A6000 is an amazing camera. It is a DSLR unit with full 4K support, which costs way less than equivalent models, made by rival companies. The number of features and capabilities of the camera allows a lot, but they also make using the camera complicated! As the result, photos with poor quality, low light, and the issues are common. In order to make the best photos, you will have to adjust your A6000 properly. Here is how you can do that.

Using the mode dial: Best for absolute beginners

If you are a beginner, chances are high you won’t understand half of the settings and features this camera has. Correspondingly, you will get poor quality photos. The best way to solve this issue is to use mode dial (big dial at the upper side of the camera). Although there are several options here, you should use only two (because you are a beginner). They are:

  • Intelligent and superior auto- Symbols for these modes are I and I+. Both of them allow you to use camera’s computer to get the best photos. The camera itself will apply the best settings.
  • Program- Choose P if you want to use the camera in the conditions which involve plenty or low light. For example, at noon, the program will eliminate the overexposure and at twilight, it will eliminate low light (underexposure).

Creative style

A useful feature is a Creative style. In order to access it, go to Menu-Camera-Creative style. You will now see the ability to choose three different options. They are standard, vivid and neutral. The standard feature will allow you to take the best photos in general. Vivid should be used for animals and forests, due to the fact it makes colors vivid and more ‘’alive’’. The third option is neutral. It offers neutral colors and creates photos that are the most realistic to the real life.

Action photos: How to take them?

Taking photos of moving objects or animals is very difficult, for most people. Luckily, the Sony A6000 has a feature that allows you to take these photos like a professional photograph.

First of all, choose Action Scene mode (SCN on the mode dial). Then set the shutter speed 1/80 seconds, in a case you want to take slow-moving objects or animals. However, we are interested in taking photos of fast-moving animals, objects, and people. In this case, set the shutter speed to 1/320 second and enjoy! While the first setting will catch most of the motion, the second one will catch all of it!

Taking photos in low light situations

When the light is an issue, you must be careful or you will end with weird photos. In most cases, the flash will overpower the object or a person. Professional photographs tilt the flash back in order to reduce the overpowering. The situation is the same when the light is still too low.


Even the best camera is powerless without a decent photograph. Now, with these simple facts, you can experience the full potential of this amazing camera.